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Revit® Lesson 4 - Show the Nested Family in the Right Level

Using nested families in Revit projects is a great feature but there are always problems with showing the right cut-area from the nested family in different levels of the project. Imagine that a nested family has a generic model family nested in another generic model family with different heights and cut-area. All different generic model families will be cut and shown in every level even they have different heights if the standard setting of Revit is being used.

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Revit® Lesson 3 - Revit® Tutorials Insert Tab in Revit® - Link CAD File

This is a short Revit tutorial to learn how to insert and link a CAD file such as DWG, DXF, DGN, SAT, and SKP to an active Revit project.  In my last Revit tutorial, I described how to link a Revit file to an active and open Revit project.  Image below shows what king of CAD files are possible to be linked into a Revit project.

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Revit® Lesson 2 - Revit® User Interface - Part 1


Welcome to the Revit Users Tutorial Center to learn more about Revit Architecture, Structure, and also MEP. In these series of Revit Tutorials you are going to learn how to use Revit in easy to use and step by step lessons, which will lead you to master Autodesk Revit.

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Revit® Lesson 1 - Revit® User Interface - Part 2

In my last Revit tutorial I talked about the Ribbon design of Revit User Interface which I am going to call RUI.  We learned why Autodesk has decided to follow the Ribbon design of Microsoft office 2007 which has revolutionized the use of applications especially in Windows software and also in Autodesk products.

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Revit® Lesson 2 - Revit® Tutorials Insert Tab in Revit®- Link Revit®

In my last Revit tutorial, I talked about all tools integrated in Insert Tab in Revit Architecture.  I also promised to describe the most used tools in Insert Tab.  In this Revit tutorial, I describe the Link Revit tool.  It can be used to link an architectural, structural, or MEP Revit file into an active Revit Project.

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